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Project 328i: Part 3

Andrew Hughes22/3/20

Brembo's on a Budget As luck would have it though the F30 335i in its base trim i.e. not with the Blue M Sport upgraded brakes, comes with a set of 4 piston front calipers designed to run a larger 340mm rotor, they still have a single piston rear caliper. Now this set of calipers is often ignored as its grey and unpainted, but its effectively the same front caliper that you get in the upgraded M Sport braking system just without the blue paint and M badge.

Project 328i: Part 2

Andrew Hughes20/12/19

I'm a huge fan of good handling, limited body roll and of course the looks that come with a lowered car. As such the first modification on the list for our Project 328i was suspension related. Given this list of choices I delved into the catalogue from our friends at Vogtland Autosports and found a perfect solution - some F30 Ride height adjustable coilovers with a ride height range of 40 - 60mm in drop. 

Project 328i: Part 1

Andrew Hughes16/12/19

As much as we love seeing what the larger capacity BMW engines are capable of with huge HP M240i's or the roar of a Stage 2 M4, we figured it would be cool to see what one of BMW's 2 litre 4 cylinder turbocharged engines is really able to produce

What is ECU Tuning?

Andrew Hughes27/11/19

The main thing that a tuner will be doing is adjusting the two most critical elements in a combustion engine process: Air to Fuel Ratio AFR (i.e how much air is mixed with the fuel) Ignition Timing (at what stage in the engine cycle does the spark happen) Usually referred to in degrees of timing.

New Products! A90 Supra ECU Tuning and Exhausts now available at Flashtuned

Andrew Hughes10/9/19

New Products! A90 Supra ECU Tuning and Exhausts now available at Flashtuned. We're excited to announce that this week saw the launch of some great new aftermarket products for the all new 2020 Toyota Supra A90. Tuning for the A90 Supra using the BOOTMOD3 Tuning Platform and Titanium Axle Back Exhaust upgrade from Akraprovic.