Bootmod3 Stage 1 for Tim's Sponsored F80 M3

Bootmod3 Stage 1 for Tim's Sponsored F80 M3

Andrew Hughes

Introducing Flashtuned Sponsor Car - @nvrenuf F80 M3 

After a fairly extensive search and plenty of amazing entrants coming in via Facebook and Insta we found our winning owner and car.  A big thank you to all the great owners who put their cars in the ring for the sponsor competition it really was an amazing response.  We're stoked to have partnered with a great local F80 M3 owner who won our competition that finished at the end of April. Tim owns an awesome Mineral Grey M3 LCI and it's even better in the flesh!

Flashtuned Sponsor F80 M3 @nvrenuf_f80_m3 Bootmod3 tuned

Tim AKA @nvrenuf_f80_m3 I'm sure is also pleased to be on board, mainly because he's a certified car nut (which we love), but mostly because we're building up his M3 to stage 2, using parts from VRSF and tuning via Bootmod3. 

To get started with the build we gathered together on Saturday ready to test Tim's car on the Dyno to set a baseline. Once done we planned to Flash Tune it with Bootmod3 and test again. Tim had already been running around with his Stage 1 BM3 flash tune for a week and he said the "Butt Dyno" was pleased with the result so far - and who could blame him especially with the Burble setting we'd coded in. 

Bootmod3 Flash Stage 1 F80 M3 Flashtuned

After getting the baseline figures - Tims M3 registered a bit under the factory rating (we think the dyno was reading around 10 - 15kws low).  With the car otherwise completely stock we flashed it with Stage 1 Bootmod3 running 98 Octane and it achieved 445 HP and 593 nm torque - a 62 nm increase!

Stay tuned to our blog for more exciting updates on Tim's F80 M3 as we add VRSF Intakes, Downpipes and move on to a Stage 2 Bootmod3 tune. You can also follow all the action on instagram @flashtuned

If you've got any questions about these mod's for your BMW or any late model car please do email me on

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