Project 328i: Part 1

Project 328i: Part 1

Andrew Hughes

Project: Flashtuned F30 328i M Sport

Like our customers, at Flashtuned we love modifying cars. Especially turbocharged European cars. So its high time we got on with a new project, but something a bit different. As much as we love seeing what the larger capacity BMW engines are capable of with huge HP M240i's or the roar of a Stage 2 M4, we figured it would be cool to see what one of BMW's 2 litre 4 cylinder turbocharged engines is really able to produce. It seemed especially fitting given our Founder Andy, is a long time fan of smaller capacity fast fours.  

Part 1: Start with a completely stock F30 328i

Since Andy already has one of these it was a simple choice. The F30 328i M Sport is a nice base to start from, with the highest output N20B 2.0L 4 Cyl that BMW produced it shares many features and components with its bigger cousin the 335i - barring the N55 engine and larger brakes they are almost identical cars.

The N20 in this 328i is a lower compression version than the 320i and runs significantly higher factory boost pressure as a result. Advertised Power and Torque figures for this car were 180 kw (242BHP) and  350 nm torque with a 0 - 100 of 5.8 seconds. Just 0.2 seconds shy of the 335, so its certainly no slouch. 

The M Sport package also features some nice extras - including larger 19" 403M alloy wheels with a staggered fitment, M Sport front bar, rear bar and side skirts, M Sport badging and an M Sport steering wheel all make for a sportier look from the factory. Nice enough but without trying to be an actual M Car. In the case of the 328i they can also come with the upgraded M Sport Brembo brakes, unfortunately they weren't on this 328 (not a worry we have a plan). 

This one was also well optioned with 8 speed auto, BMW Connected Drive, Heads Up Display, Reverse Camera and Surround View, Sunroof, Lane Departure Warning & Collision Warning to name a few.


With every good project you need a plan, and for this F30 328i we want to aim for it to be the fastest and most powerful N20 BMW in Australia, being well aware that the B48 is a better engine I'll stop short of aiming for the most powerful 2 litre BMW in Australia.

Right now in the US we're aware of a couple producing a bit over 400 HP at the crank so we'll aim here for now.


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