Stage 1 Bootmod 3 Tune and DME Unlock

Stage 1 Bootmod 3 Tune and DME Unlock

Chris Rowlands

A little Father’s Day Weekend Project on this G20 BMW 330iM.

Bootmod 3 is a cloud based solution provided by ProTuningFreaks who are constantly updating the platform which makes the bootmod3 platform a custom BMW factory DME tuning solution like nothing we've seen on the market elsewhere.

Bootmod3 have built the ultimate tune for BMWs and provide tuning solutions from stock to full race calibration, plus all stages in between, all with the ability to map switch via the  mobile app. Bootmod3 calibrates the factory vehicle modules over the OBD port in a matter of minutes from the convenience of your driveway or anywhere internet access is available.

 We’re so pleased at Flashtuned to be partnering with ProTuningFreaks to bring this system to the Aussie Market.  If you would like to learn more contact us at

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