BMW B58 MST Cold Air Intake 2016+ BMW B58 ENGINE 140I / 240I / 340I / 440I


Maximise air flow to your B58 Turbocharged 6 Cylinder Engine. 

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The factory Air Box is the first restriction in getting air through your turbocharger and into your engine. You can solve this restriction on your BMW B58 engine by installing a Cold Air Intake system from MST Performance. 

This intake features a washable and reusable lifetime pod style air filter, custom fitted heat shield made from wrinkle black aluminium, 3.5" piping with OEM Mass Airflow Meter fitment. 

This system has been dyno tested to produce maximum gains of 15 HP and 28 Nm Torque. 

  • Washable Air Filter
  • Aluminium Heath Shield
  • Extra power and Torque
  • More Aggressive Intake Sound

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sounds great! Quick delivery

Awesome sounding intake, lots of turbo and intake noise, nothing to note power wise, maybe slight difference in response, but probably negligible. Can be combined with the hot climate mod on Fxx chassis for some direct air from the grill.

Great shopping experience with Flashtuned, sign up bonus was appreciated :)

Best sounding air intake

easy and precise fit
love the quality of the powdercoating,
and the sound is out of this world!
highly recommend and also have added the hot climate duct modification adding even more colder air than just suck hot air from behind the headlight