Ford Fiesta ST Ecoboost Powergate ECU Tuner


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Ford Fiesta ST Powergate ECU Tuner - 2013 - 2017

Remap your Ford Fiesta ST 1.6L Ecoboost from the comfort of your driveway anywhere in Australia with our Powergate 3+ ECU Tuning Package. 

Gains of 15 - 30% in Power and Torque from this simple remap device using our Flashtuned Stage 1, 2 or custom ECU tunes. 

Stage 1 gains of up to 25 HP and 40Nm

- 1 Tuned Map Included

- Power and Torque gains from just a remap

- Stage 1 and 2 Remap

-   Stage 2 will require Intake and Exhaust Modifications to optimise performance, please contact us for advice before purchasing a stage 2.
- If you have an upgraded turbo you may need a custom tune / Stage 3, please contact us prior to purchase to advise on options.

- Holds up to 5 maps on the touch screen device

- Reflash to stock whenever you want

- Flashtuned Tuning Maps to enhance the performance of your Fiesta ST

- Read and Clear DTC trouble codes

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Matthiesen
It works, some glitches

The unit works well, the unit I got had problems reading the factory ECU, this was fine after it was swapped for a new handset. I wish it could read the car and determine the car and engine type on its own, the same as Bluefin, instead of the user needing to know the specific engine number of their car.
Also, the handset had some glitches, like the "next" arrow button sometimes being totally unresponsive and the user being able to turn the brightness down to literally zero, so that the screen becomes unreadable, and required a very bright torch to be held to the screen to see the LCD to fix the brightness. Hopefully these can be fixed in future versions.