Our Story at Flashtuned.com.au

They say every great idea comes from someone's frustration. And at Flashtuned we are no different having spent many hours hunting for parts online only to find they have to be ordered from a US or European Dealer, meaning expensive shipping, less payment options and difficulty with after sales service. 

At Flashtuned we are run by car enthusiasts with a goal of helping our fellow Aussie car lovers to access ECU tuning, bolt on engine modifications and soon to be exterior accessories at reasonable prices, without the need to look overseas.

Based in Perth Western Australia and run by two passionate gear heads Andy and Andrew (yes we're two different people), we stock your favourite local & global brands like Bootmod3, Vogtland, FTP, Turner Motorsport and many more. 

You can catch us at local and regional motorsport events, car club rallies and all sorts where cars or 4x4s are present, so feel free to come and say hi when you see us. 

Thanks for shopping at Flashtuned and we hope you enjoy your new parts and tuning.

Our People:

Founder and MD - Andy Hughes


Andy is our very own tuning die hard, having been involved in tuning all manner of cars since he was old enough to be let loose on them. For any technical tuning info or detailed parts advice he's your guy. Andy is a lover of all things mechanical and enjoys both his tuned BMW F30 and equally in his element bashing around WA bushland in his Navara. 

Sales Manager and Director - Andrew Shue


Become a Flashtuned Dealer - we welcome workshops and installers to partner with us as approved dealers and installers. We already partner with a number of amazing workshops around Australia and invite you to come on board too.