About VR Tuned

Flashtuned is an Authorised Australian Dealer for VRTuned and Vivid Racing Products.

To help you understand better the quality of this performance brand and decide whether they are right for your car we thought we'd share with you some more information about our partner brands like VR Tuned

VRTuned.com is the off shoot of globally known, high performance retail parts specialists, Vivid Racing.  Vivid Racing has been in business since 2001 and has worked with customers all over the world.  In 2005, Vivid Racing got started in the Porsche market with their 2000 Porsche 996 Carrera.  In addition to building this project car with selected vendor partners, Vivid Racing also began manufacturing products through it’s sister company Agency Power.  Having had success in the popular tuning chassis’ such as the Subaru WRX STI, Mitsubishi EVO, and BMW M3, this was a natural progression of expansion in our repertoire of vehicles.  As the tuning market boomed extensively in the early 2000’s, Vivid Racing established a very strong prescence online and throughout vehicle communities.  When the recession came, Vivid Racing continued to grow and focus on the development of it’s products, distribution network, and most importantly, its customers.  The diversity of vehicle products and services has allowed Vivid Racing to continue to strive for excellence while maintaining exceptional growth.  ECU tuning has always been an extremely important part of modifying and building vehicles.  This is essentially the glue that brings the performance out of aftermarket products and packages.  With this next stage in the companies footprint, VRTuned was proudly launched in January 2014.

As the tuning industries tools became more accessible, so has the ability to partner and work with individuals to offer a unique service with added value. Working with several tuning companies over the years, we have experienced the upsides and downsides of the ECU tuning world.  As it is our mission to offer unparallelled customer service and support, it is equally important to offer a great product that is tested, convenient to use, and priced within reason for the current demographic.  With a Mustang All Wheel Drive Dynamometer in-house at our Gilbert, Arizona facility, we have spent countless hours testing tuned files, the affects of different vehicle modifications, and learning how vehicles react to our changes.  But most importantly, our product confidence comes in that we have owned these vehicles, daily driven these vehicles, raced these vehicles, and understand what the consumer is looking for.

VR Tuned Guarantees

The VR Tuned ECU flashing software has been researched, engineered, tested, and produced with the utmost in confidence for its ability to improve your vehicle. Their software has been proven in many different environments that puts each vehicle through its paces.  With their hands on experience, personally owning the vehicles, dyno testing, and real world experience, we are confident that customers will be 100% satisfied.

FREE Support –  FREE lifetime support and software updates of its products for users that have purchased it through their authorized dealer network, of which Flashtuned is a part. FREE support is designed to make sure you always have the answers to your tuning questions. Your satisfaction of owning and driving your vehicle is extremely important to us.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – We want happy customers.  Happy customers tell their friends.  That equals referral business and a long term relationship for both parties.  If you ever encounter a issue where you are not happy with the product, the service, or both, contact one of the owners so we can work it out.  Because each case is unique, our Terms & Conditions policies will be generalized.  However it is our goal and intent to assist every one of our customers to the best of our ability.

Vehicle Warranty – The biggest question from customers about any ECU software is, “will this void my warranty?” When you read out your FULL file with the VR Tuned software, this saves your original file to your desktop that you can restore to your vehicle at anytime.  If a catastrophic failure were to happen, it is very possible that manufacture engineers can uncover evidence within the ECU regardless of what anyone says.  If you are taking your vehicle in for routine maintenance, basic repairs to cosmetic or interior parts, or anything that does not resolve with the cars ECU, there is no reason to flash back to stock.  If you take your car in for service, there is nothing that shows the ECU has been tuned or that a technician would be alarmed to with out due cause.  If you do have to take your vehicle in for service, please check with your service advisor if they have done a firmware update, as this may overwrite your tuned file and require a new tuned file to be provided at no additional cost.  It is however the responsibility of each vehicle owner to abide by any state/federal laws, as well as understand what their warranty truly consists of.  We recommend speaking to your Service Advisor if you are worried about your powertrain warranty.

Like any modification, there can be risks associated.  Flashtuned, VRTuned.com and Vivid Racing does not cover any warranty claims.  ECU flash loading is done at your own risk and if the instructions are not clearly followed, damage to your vehicle can occur. Flashtuned.com cannot be responsible for any issues that you may cause during flash loading, removal, or installation of your ECU.  Once the cable is connected the car it is locked to your VIN.