Performance Tuning

At Flashtuned we offer a number of tuning solutions, from mobile tuning, tuning at your local workshop and DIY solutions also. Learn more about these options below:

Through remapping the software in your cars ECU, Flashtuned is able to enhance almost any vehicles performance. Cars and 4wd's can gain up to 30% performance with a simple software remap which would take us no longer than 2-3 hours. What's more we can usually perform this service at your home, office or workplace.

All of our remaps have been dyno tested to ensure the highest customer and driver satisfaction.

  • Add up to 30% extra performance
  • Improved top speed
  • More responsive engine
  • Remapping for any modifications
  • With Stage 1 tuning starting from $949.  

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ECU Software Add-on's

Do you want additional customised tuning solutions? Want your car to spit flames or run with crackle and pop from the exhaust? Flashtuned has a variety of add-on tuning for your vehicles software that can be added when we do the performance tuning

  • Custom tuning options
  • Crackle / exhaust burble maps
  • Flames with ALS and NLS
  • Bigger turbo tuning solutions
  • DSG tuning up to 13 bar clutch pressure


DIY Tuning Options

Are you a keen Do It Yourselfer? Maybe you're based in an area where we don't currently offer a mobile or workshop tuning option? Either way we probably have an option that can work for you. Whether its a Bootmod3 Tune for your BMW, or Powergate 3+ for many other cars. Checkout our DIY tuning products here