Agency Power Cold Air Intake System Kia Stinger GT 3.3L TT V6


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The Kia Stinger GT cold air intake kit is a must do first modification to the twin turbocharged vehicle.  The performance of the sedan and it’s 365 horsepower has been changing people’s perception of the Korean brand. With the Stinger platform being a powerful and stylish vehicle, any aftermarket modification needs to live up to that standard. The Agency Power Cold Air Intake System for the Kia Stinger GT is design to give you that same power and style the Kia Stinger desires. The unique dual air box set up for the twin turbo 3.3L V6 allows for very impressive gains of 12 horsepower in the mid range. 

Note: This intake will also work on the Genesis G80 Sport with the 3.3L V6 Twin Turbo engine.

The cold air intake is made from cutting edge roto-molded plastic that requires precision machine molds to provide a true OEM fit and finish of a product. The intake features 2 new intake tubes, air boxes and filters for each turbo. With this design, an integrated air scoop open helps direct air from the front of the bumper like the factory and force the air to the partial open air box. The air box was created to allow the factory support braces easily to be reinstalled and work with the larger air box. The cold air intake looks great with the ability to grab more air and secured with matching black hardware.

The intakes use our brilliant blue Agency Power cone filters which feature NanoTech from our filter manufacture. Not only does this allow your engine to breathe better than stock, it is also reusable for the life of the vehicle. This high flow cylindrical dry air filters features a much-improved flow rate over stock and designed to catch more particles compared to a paper mesh design like OEM. The air filters feature the concave front end filter to gain the maximum amount of air flow possible. Each filter features the Agency Power rubber end cap.


  • Lightweight Roto Molded XLPE Plastic Constructed Tubing
  • 3 Inch Intake Tubes
  • 3 Ply Silicone Couplers
  • High Flow and Reusable Air Filters
  • +12 Horsepower Gains
  • Integrates With Factory Scoops
  • Retains Factory Bracing With Air Box
  • Fitting Instructions will be provided 


  • 2018+ Kia Stinger GT
  • 2018+ Genesis G70 Sport

Shipping - This intake is available from our US Warehouse and does have a longer than normal shipping turnaround (10 - 14 days). Please contact us if you need express shipping - additional shipping costs apply.