Bluefin VW Golf R MK7.5 ECU Remap (213 kW)(Feb-17 onwards)


This Stage 1 ECU tune is for the VW Golf R MK7.5 (213 kW)(Feb-17 onwards)

Superchips Bluefin Stage 1 ECU tune for Volkswagen Golf R MK7 adds +47 BHP & +75 Nm of torque

Stage 2 ECU tune adds + 80 BHP & 115 Nm torque. 

The Stage 2 software developed for the Golf Mk7 R removes the CEL (Check Engine Light) activated by catalyst efficiency error codes caused by SPORT CAT or CAT removal. It also includes the removal of the speed limit for motorsport use and in manual cars the rev limit can be extended.

Stage 2 is an additional $200 which can be purchased after stage 1.

Please note the UK test vehicle has factory higher outputs and the dyno test reflects this.

All of the Bluefun ECU tunes have been developed meticulously by Superchips in house a controlled environment monitoring all parameters. Many hours are also spent road testing and refining to deliver you a safe & powerful tune. 

Superchips Australia provides us with close support and offers a full warranty, locally. All that and you can tune your car in the comfort of your Garage or Driveway. Free shipping inside of Australia provided.