BMW M2 Tubi Style Exhaust System w/OE Electric Valve


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Tubi Style


Free standard



  • Additional Horsepower and Torque with this free flowing muffler
  • Sound: That amazing Tubi Sound!
  • Valve Type: Electric Valve
  • Piping Main Dimension: D70
  • End Tips - Position and Number: 2+2 Laterally
  • Material: AISI304 Stainless Steel
  • Finishing: Polished
  • Mounting Instructions: Plug-and-Play Component


  • This valved system from Tubi Style allows to the driver to control the exhaust Valve using SPORT and SPORT+ modes.
  • The four Tubi Style end tips are sold separately.

About Tubi Style:

Tubi Style is strategically located in Maranello, Italy, just around the corner from Ferrari's prestigious factory. Maranello is in Modena's motor valley heart, a place rich in decades of automotive culture. In this region every curve of every road and every person can tell stories of legendary cars, famous characters, and the unique personalities that make the Motor Valley unlike any other place in the world. It is from this deep rooted passion for automobiles that the designers and craftsmen at Tubi Style develop the unparalleled skill and devotion to create the best automotive exhaust systems in the world, constantly pushing the boundaries of sound and performance.

What really sets Tubi Style apart is its passion that drives us to help supercar drivers achieve all of their sound and performance goals.  We are confident that nowhere else in the world has this kind of ethos and so we know that no one else can make exhaust systems that can seamlessly meld innovation and tradition tailored to our clients’ needs.