BOOTMOD3 N20 N26 Flash Tuning for BMW 320i 328i 420i 428i


Tuning for F Series BMWs with a N20 or N26 Engine. E.g 320i 328i 420i 428i

Bootmod3 offers the world's first flash tuning cloud platform for the BMW F and G series.

Estimated Tuning Gains from Bootmod3 Maps*

  • Stage 1 on Premium 98 fuel - up to 280 BHP / +25% TQ
  • Stage 2 on Premium 98 fuel - up to 295 BHP / +32% TQ
  • Stage 2 AGG (Aggressive burble) versions of maps available

About Bootmod3

As a cloud based solution with a simple web interface and mobile apps for iOS and Android. The BM3 Tuning System was developed over a period of 2 years from the ground up by ProTuningFreaks prior to its release in November 2016 .

Due to its cloud basis ProTuningFreaks are constantly updating the platform which makes the bootmod3 platform a custom BMW factory DME tuning solution like nothing we've seen on the market elsewhere. So we're please at Flashtuned to be partnering with ProTuningFreaks to bring this system to the Aussie Market. 

Bootmod3 have built the ultimate tune for N20 / N26 powered BMWs and provide tuning solutions from stock to full race calibration, plus all stages in between, all with the ability to map switch  via the  mobile app. Bootmod3 calibrates the factory vehicle modules over the OBD port in a matter of minutes from the convenience of your driveway or anywhere internet access is available.

Some of the additional options which can be calibrated in your BM3 tune include:

  • Speed limiter removal
  • Exhaust burble (pops and bangs) in app on any map (OTS and custom)
  • Exhaust flap adjusments
  • Cold start removal for quieter cold start
  • Cat efficiency check (CEL) removal if you are running Catless Downpipes
  • Maps for upgraded turbos
  • Custom Throttle mapping

*** An OBD ENET cable is required, can be purchased separately


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