Flash Tune for VW Golf R MK6 188 KW ECU Remap


This Stage 1 ECU Flash Tune is for the VW Golf R MK6 (188KW)

This  stage 1 flash tune for the VW Golf R MK6 from factory adds +41 KW & +78 Nm of torque. 

Stage 1 does not require any mechanical modifications and is priced from $800.

Superchips ECU Tunes have been tested on 95RON therefore when running your Golf R on 98 RON fuel in Australia we would expect marginally higher results.

All of the Bluefin ECU tunes have been developed meticulously in  a controlled environment monitoring all parameters. Many hours are also spent road testing and refining to deliver you a safe & powerful tune. 

Superchips Australia provides us with close support and offers a full warranty, locally. All that and you can tune your car in the comfort of your Garage or Driveway. Free shipping inside of Australia provided.