Flashtuned Audi RS3 270kw Plug'n'play Remap - Mar-15 onwards

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Flashtuned Powergate ECU Tune for the Audi RS3 8VA (270 kW) For Models Mar-15 onwards

Estimated Gains from Stage 1 Tune

+53 BHP

+150 Nm torque.

Estimated Gains from Stage 2 Tune

+63 BHP

+165 Nm torque.

Flashtuned Powergate 3 Flash tuning let your tune your Audi RS3 from the comfort of your own driveway and is very fast & simple to use. All of our Powergate 3 ECU tunes have been developed meticulously in a controlled environment by Tuned2Race. 

T2R is at the forefront of the newest innovation and technology in the field of performance engineering. The company as the leader in-depth expertise on ECU units can provide a guarantee of increased performance.

T2R is committed to providing a comprehensive service to customers with up to date knowledge and products as well as an uncompromising commitment to service delivery and follow up service.

With this Flashtuned PG3 tune your Audi RS3 top end horsepower will be smoothed and peak torque comes on early in the rev range providing that real seat of your pants improvement in acceleration.

Tuned2race provides us with close support. All that and you can tune your car in the comfort of your Garage or Driveway. Free shipping inside of Australia provided. 

Engine Code CZGB

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