Top Mount Intercooler Upgrade for S55 2015 – 2019 M2C, M3 & M4 F80/F82/F87


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VRSF Top Mount Intercooler Upgrade for F80/F82/F87 BMW M2C, M3 and M4 equipped with the S55 Engine

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Upgrade your factory top mount intercooler with this VRSF upgraded air to water intercooler kit and get more efficient cooling. If you are running a tuned S55 engine or frequently track or race your M2C, M3 or M4 then this is an essential upgrade in our Australian climate to ensure the health of your engine and also get prolonged high performance from your S55.

Key Benefits of this Intercooler

  • High density, dual pass bar & plate core.
  • Black powder coated finish.
  • CFD backed, cast aluminum plug and play end tanks.
  • 62% higher capacity over the OEM intercooler.
  • Plug and play with no modification required.
  • Compatible with any chargepipe on the market.

VRSF designed this kit to be one of the best performing, direct bolt on intercoolers available for your BMW M with special attention to quality and performance while maintaining a reasonable price. These VRSF M3/M4 intercoolers allow for higher HP gains, mainly due to their ability to keep intake temperature down, preventing heat soak which is a common problem with the OEM S55 intercooler. This results in a more power and increased reliability reducing the chance of pre-detonation & knock.

The most important component of any intercooler is the cooling core. The OEM BMW tube and fin intercooler is only designed to support lower factory boost levels and air flow. Once you increase boost levels to Stage 1 and above, the OEM unit is easily overwhelmed and can not keep up with the cooling demands that your performance tuning requires. This results in heat soak which will result in a power loss and a higher potential for pre-detonation in the upper RPM range. 

VRSF remedy this problem with a bar and plate core design which utilises a staggered and offset high density internal and external set of fins. VRSFs proprietary HD core has been carefully designed to provide high levels of intake temperature reduction while maintaining minimal pressure drop.

Every VRSF product includes their lifetime warranty & a “No Hassle” satisfaction guarantee which includes fitment & defects. Each VRSF intercooler is hand finished and pressure tested to ensure a high quality, leak free experience.

This item fits the following BMWs:
2015 – 2019 F80/F82/F83 BMW M3 & M4
2018+ F82 BMW M2 Competition (S55 Only)

Note: Fits both Left Hand Drive & Right Hand Drive Models