Turner Motorsport Enclosed Carbon Intake - F30 335i/xDrive, F32 435i/xDrive, F22 M235i/xDrive (N55)


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We are proud to present you with our long-awaited Turner Motorsport Carbon Fiber N55 Intakes. Like all of our Turner Motorsport products, our N55 intake was CAD Designed in-house to give you the best performing, most beautiful intake we could possibly imagine for your N55 powered BMW. The best part? Our design seamlessly integrates with OEM ducting and stock mounting locations to give you a simple install and an OEM+ fit and finish. We believe this is the way the N55 engine bays should have come from the factory. It’s time to ditch all that plastic.

Our higher flow filter and intake design gave our F30 335i an additional 7 WHP and 14 ft-lbs of torque over stock when we tested on our dyno. Our less restrictive intake design reduced post filter pressure by 0.2 psi over stock, allowing for gains across the entire RPM range - this reduced pressure drop also results in less stress on your N55’s turbo. Our enclosed intake also lowers your intake temperatures by 13 degrees over running an open intake.

We offer our N55 carbon intake in either gloss or matte finish, so you can choose what best suits your engine bay. Select either gloss or matte finish below, and then please select whether or not you are purchasing an intake for a manual transmission vehicle. If your vehicle has a manual transmission, it will require BMW Part # 13907515387.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • 2x2 twill weave carbon fiber, clear coated for UV protection

  • Wrinkle Black Powder Coated heat shield

  • Ovaled Intake tube for OEM quality fitment

  • High flow cleanable Turner Motorsport air filter

  • +7 WHP / +14 lb-ft of torque!

  • Lowers intake temperatures by 13 degrees over running an open intake.

 Fits the following BMWs:
2014 - 2016 F22 M235i, M235i xDrive
2012 - 2015 F30 335i, 335i xDrive
2012 - 2015 F32 435i, 435i xDrive

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