Turner Motorsport Intake - F8x M3/M4/M2C With Carbon Fiber tubes


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TMS created an intake system that outflows the factory intake, maintains factory MAF scaling, provides increased induction noise, and looks great in the engine bay. Our intake was CAD designed inhouse to seamlessly integrate with OEM inlet ducting and stock mounting locations. We offer our S55 intake system with several options to suit your needs - inlet tubes are available in matte or gloss 2x2 twill carbon fiber You can also run either no lid, or carbon fiber lid in either gloss or matte finish. Note that in testing, we did record lower intake temperatures on vehicles running an intake lid rather than an open filter setup.

Photos are of prototype intake, there may be some differences in finish - i.e. the heat shields you receive will be wrinkle black powder-coated, not raw aluminum.


Carbon Fiber intake Tubes:

  • Design allows clearance of fan shroud, coolant hoses, and front of the engine bay. 
  • Features gradual transitions to avoid sharp bends and maintain constant cross sectional area from the MAF
  • MAF scaling matches factory intake to ensure correct AFRs
  • MAF sensor flange and vacuum line port machined from 6061-T6 black anodized aluminum
  • 2x2 twill weave carbon fiber, available in either matte or gloss finish, featuring clear coat for UV protection

Heat shields:

  • One piece aluminum design
  • Wrinkle black powder coated
  • Provides barrier for hot air to be pulled into the intake
  • Supplied pre-cut gold heat tape
  • Heat shield mounts in stock location with supplied hardware

Carbon Lids:

  • 2x2 twill weave carbon fiber 
  • Reduces intake temperatures compared to running open filter

Air Filters:

  • Conical hi-flow reusable
  • 8 ply oiled cotton gauze 
  • Bell-mouth filter flange inlet to reduce turbulence in order to maximize flow

Fits F80 M3 S55    F82 M4 S55     F83 M4 S55    F87 M3 Comp S55


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