VR Tuned ECU Tuning Kit Kia Stinger 3.3L Turbo V6 272 kW

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This ECU Tuning Kit (Piggy Back) suits the Kia Stinger 3.3L Turbo V6 272 kW

Tuning the Kia Stinger is now possible with the VR Tuned ECU Tuning Box Kit.  The kit is designed specifically for the 3.3L twin turbocharged engine coming stock with 370PS (365hp) from the factory.  This tuning box kit is a plug and play solution to boost up your cars performance.  Connecting to the cars manifold pressure and boost pressure sensors, the microprocessor changes the signals of these sensors to work with your ECU allowing for more horsepower and torque.  The VR Tuned ECU Tuning Box Kit gives your KIA Stinger an extra 61 horsepower!

  • Plug and Play for easy removal to avoid warranty issues
  • Designed for forced induction vehicles only
  • Does not lock to vehicle or VIN
  • Harness has OEM style connectors, no splicing or cutting
  • Tuning Box features a weatherproof case
  • Digital Microprocessor Controlled
  • Professional Installation Recommended
  • Proven power gains
  • Tuning Box cannot eliminate CELs from catless or high flow cat exhaust parts
  • The box has a removable cover with dial settings you can adjust. This is to allow small adjustments to the power setting so the box can work correctly in different climate conditions and on different quality fuel.  See adjustments here.
  • Download Installation Instructions Here
U/M Original Tuned Increase
+ 45
+ 60
+ 150


  • Make: KIA
  • Model: Stinger
  • Years: 2018+

With manufactures trying to increase fuel economy by adding forced induction to vehicles that previously had large displacement engines, the ability to tune them further is even more prevalent now. However there are 2 main issues with tuning these newer vehicles. The manufactures have gotten very particular about having their ECUs accessed to be tuned. These "anti tuning" features make it hard to read and write the ECU via the OBDII port. Some ECUs can be removed and flashed on the bench once the case is open. This is an immediate flag to the dealer which ultimately will void your power train warranty if a situation arose. This is where the VR Tuned Tuning Box Kits come into play over the competition.

Engineered for boosted cars, these vehicle specific plug and play kits are designed to easily be installed and uninstalled as needed. The harnesses feature OEM plugs that attach to necessary sensors where the pre-mapped tuning box gives your vehicle huge amount of performance gains. Unlike other "piggyback" solutions, these use high quality connections, wires, and casing that are designed to be engine mounted for longevity to the elements. The actual tuning box is housed in a casing that is weatherproof. These factory plug and play harnesses allow you to remove the kit as needed for warranty purposes. 


  • Performance number gains are quoted based on Engine Power Gains, not wheel horsepower. Testing on the products was done in the EU using 98 ron (93 octane) fuel. VRTuned has tested these in-house on several cars and stand behind the Tuning Box Kits work as claimed.
  • We offer support and warranty on the hardware itself.
  • We DO NOT offer a guarantee from independent dyno tests or support personal installations not done by qualified shops.