VW Golf GTI MK6 Edition 35 Powergate ECU Remap 2011 - 2012

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ECU tune is for the VW Golf GTI MK6 ED 35 2011 - 2012

Get additional power and torque easily from your MK6 Golf GTI ED35 from the comfort of your driveway anywhere in Australia with our Powergate 3+ ECU Tuning Package. 

Gains of 15 - 30% in Power and Torque from this simple remap device using our Flashtuned Stage 1, 2 or custom ECU tunes. 

Developed on the Dyno, these ECU Tunes are designed for getting the best out of your Volkswagen Golf GTI here in Australia

- Stage 1+ Power gains of 85 BHP and 130 Nm of Torque from just a remap

- Stage 1 and 2 Remap

-   Stage 2 will require Intake and Exhaust Modifications to optimise performance, please contact us for advice before purchasing a stage 2.
- If you have an upgraded turbo you may need a custom tune / Stage 3, please contact us prior to purchase to advise on options.

- Holds up to 5 maps on the touch screen device

- Reflash to stock whenever you want

- Flashtuned Tuning Maps to enhance the performance of your MK 6 Golf GTI Edition 35

- Read and Clear DTC trouble codes

- Optional Extras such as Exhaust Crackle, Speed Limit Removal and Decat Check Engine Light which is activated by catalyst efficiency error codes caused by SPORT CAT or CAT removal are available also

All of the Flashtuned ECU tunes have been developed meticulously in house a controlled environment on a Dynometer monitoring all parameters. 

All of this and you can tune your car in the comfort of your Garage or Driveway. Free shipping inside of Australia provided.   

Applicable Models:

- Golf GTI MK 6 Edition 35

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