VW Golf R MK7 Height Adjustable Vogtland Coilovers


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Vogtland Height Adjustable Street Coilovers

Fits Volkswagen Golf R MK7 4 Motion 2013 onwards

Set a perfect stance for your MK7 Golf R with these Vogtland Coilovers. Offered in a variation for your Golf R equipped without electronic dampening and also a variant for those equipped with electronic dampening.

Please note: For models with Adaptive Suspension this needs to be deactivated. The deactivation kit is included when you select the correct option.

These Vogtland Coilovers are a great option for those who want to set their ride height just right. The street options maintain a good ride with progressive rate springs and a factory set dampening that gives a sporty feel without being harsh.


  • Height Adjustable
  • German Engineered Twin Tube
  • Available for models without adaptive suspension or with adaptive suspension (a deactivation kit is included for these)
  • For Cars with Electronic Dampening: Lowering Front 10 - 30mm / Rear 10 - 45mm
  • For Cars with Electronic Dampening: Lowering Front 25 - 55mm / Rear 25 - 45mm

About Vogtland (Founded in Germany 1908)

For more than 110 years, new product ideas in the field of spring technology have been the focus of our work.The VDF FEDERN Group is a specialist in the fields of spring technology and stamping and bending technology as well as for corresponding assemblies and components. Well-known companies in the automotive supply industry, mechanical and plant engineering and other capital goods rely on our development and production expertise. Our continuous growth is based on our distinctive customer orientation and high technical competence.

VOGTLAND Autosport develops, assembles and sells high-quality and sporty products in the field of suspension technology. We attach particular importance to the development and design of the suspension components as well as the controlled production in our company. This is where the decades of experience in spring technology pay off.

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