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Stage 2 Performance Tuning Services 

Stage 2 performance tuning is for car owners that want the additional power and torque available by getting the best out of basic performance modifications. This would normally require an upgraded exhaust (downpipe or headers) and often upgraded Intake and Cooling. At Flashtuned we can supply all your upgraded part needs as well as tune your car to suit. 

Through remapping your the software in your cars ECU, Flashtuned is able to enhance almost any vehicles performance. Cars and 4wd's can gain up to 30% performance with a simple software remap which would take us no longer than 2-3 hours. Whats more we can usually perform this service at your Home, office or workplace. 

Note this service is available in limited locations in Western Australia

All our files have been dyno tested to ensure the highest customer and driver satisfaction.

  • Tuning at your home or office
  • Add up to 30% extra performance
  • Improved top speed
  • Add exhaust crackle (pops and bangs) and control of exhaust valves
  • More responsive engine
  • Remapping for any modifications
  • With Stage 2 tuning starting from $999* 
  • Stage 2 Tuning will require certain physical modifications to the car such as upgraded exhaust, intake and / or intercooler upgrades. Please contact us to confirm which parts are required for your car. 

Looking for further details or bespoke packaging deals for Stage 2 parts and tunes supply?  Contact us today at sales@flashtuned.com.au 

*In order to tune your car with Stage 2 ECU Tuning, there are required hardware upgrades that can vary from car to car. Please contact us to verify which ones these are for your car. We would be pleased to assist you in obtaining this additional upgraded parts at a packaged discount. Pricing quoted is for the ECU tuning only and does not include the upgraded engine or exhaust parts

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Peter Ghisalberti

Lots more power! Would love a dyno sheet to no how is there though