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The workmanship is excellent. The second piece of silicon hose needs a groove to allow for positioning of the already grooved factory air pipe from air box.
Took some trials to get this connected so that the air system is properly aligned. Very impressed with the product overs, the service and delivery speed therefore repeat business will occur.

Bootmod3 maps bundle

Always happy with the service and products at Flashtuned. Ongoing support from Ryan is awesome too - purchased this set and Ryan reached out quickly to get it all sorted. Legend!

It works, some glitches

The unit works well, the unit I got had problems reading the factory ECU, this was fine after it was swapped for a new handset. I wish it could read the car and determine the car and engine type on its own, the same as Bluefin, instead of the user needing to know the specific engine number of their car.
Also, the handset had some glitches, like the "next" arrow button sometimes being totally unresponsive and the user being able to turn the brightness down to literally zero, so that the screen becomes unreadable, and required a very bright torch to be held to the screen to see the LCD to fix the brightness. Hopefully these can be fixed in future versions.

Easy to install

Really easy to install product with clear instructions and helpful staff with ordering.

Mini r55s stage 2 tune

Great to deal with. Able to call and speak to a real person

Great product

Great product with all that you need for a direct replacement and easy to install

Great product

Arrived on time no fuss, a great product really well made


Great product. Exactly as described and fantastic service!

Bmw 328i

Easy to install and produced power as promised, a little less than I thought but, a very good improvement nevertheless.

MST intake

Easy to install on my 2017 S3. All mounts and bolt holes matched perfectly. Turbo inlet elbow much bigger than stock elbow. Definitely feel and hear the difference.


The team at Flashtuned were awesome! Ordered an intake for my w176 and it arrived within two days, completely hassle free! Used there discount code and was so impressed at how awesome their response times were! Will definitely be ordering my downpipe from here very soon!

Audi s3 stage 1 tuning

Chris and his son were very professional and went above and Beyond for my stage 1 tuning. Would totally recommend and will be back for more mods 🤟🤟

Flashtuned BMW Pipes

Both the charge and boot pipe were delivered within a week and arrived in perfect condition. Both have been installed and work properly
I was very happy with my dealings with Flashtuned. I can recommend them based upon my experience.

Very pleased with the service and the result.

BOOTMOD3 N55 Flash Tune
Graham Beckman
Sorted 435i

The Bootmod3 stage 1 tune sorted all the small issues coming from several small upgrades.
FTP charge, boost and inlet, Dinan cold air intake, 7.5" intercooler, DV+ diverter, JB+, VRSF hi flow downpipe and BMS catchcan.
Just done 3,000km this break and not a single error.

Great service

Purchased CSL intake and fitting kit from Andrew. Process was easy with fast delivery and came in the timeframe advised. Thanks Andrew for the great service👌

Easy and fast

Was no fuss, ordered, sent, here in a week like i needed

VRSF 6.5″ Competition Intercooler FMIC Kit for F20/F30 N20 N55
Gabriel Shaw
Must have upgrade

The VRSF 6.5” FMIC is an easy bolt on upgrade that offers great fitment & performance. Averaging 15C lower temps than the stock FMIC on a 20C day.

Noticeable power gains, would recommend even on a stock setup.

Great service!

Great product, in stock, hand delivered!


Works well easy to use

BM3 Stage1

I have just finished flashing stage 1 and I am supper pleased with the results.
Will play around with burbbles but happy that I went with stage 1 to start with, seeing I am 6 months of being 70 that proves just about anybody can do this.


Never received it

Hi Michael,
We're working with Protuningfreaks to establish why this isn't functioning as expected. Under normal circumstances these are applied automatically using you VIN. We requested this and unfortunately it appears yours didnt apply. This is a system that is out of our control. But please be aware we are doing our best to rectify with Protuningfreaks.