TheTurboEngineers (TTE) Turbo Upgrade Critical Information

Upgrade Your Turbocharger

Sending Your Turbocharger

After you have ordered the upgrade from the online store by selecting ‘Upgrade Your Turbocharger” option in the drop-down box and proceeding to the checkout to place an order. You will receive 2 emails, the first email will be confirming the order that has been placed. The second email will contain an invoice and packaging slip to be printed and placed inside the package/s.

If you have twin turbochargers then package separately to avoid damage and place the packaging slip inside box.

Turbochargers must be in good working order and free from damage, any turbochargers sent with damage may incur extra charges*

Please do not send any accessories, oil lines, valves, hoses, parts, or components apart from the turbocharger and actuator as we will not be responsible for any losses or breakages of parts.  

Pack any turbocharger individually and extremely well to avoid any transit damage, double boxing is recommended. We also recommend adding double shipping labels to the outside of your package and place one inside to ensure your package does not become lost. 

We recommend using only DHL, DPD, UPS, TNT, FEDEX carriers. Please send using Express Service ONLY. Using other carriers or non-express will likely cause parcel delays at customs if sending from outside the EU and possible extra fees or return to you. 

If you want us to organise the sending of the turbo to TTE we can. We'll invoice you a separate amount for this shipping. 

Once you have sent your turbocharger/s to TheTurboEngineers they will be fully checked and validated if they are ok to be upgraded within a 2 week timeframe. Once approved for an upgrade they will continue with the process. If for any reason they can not upgrade your turbocharger/s e.g. damaged. We will contact you. 

If turbochargers arrive at TheTurboEngineers without a Packaging Slip they will not be upgraded and will be delayed. 

Sending goods to The Turbo Engineers GmbH Germany from outside the European Union make sure that:

1. Send the goods with a courier service like UPS, TNT, DPD, DHL (Express Service ONLY)

2. Please declare reasonable value when sending goods.

3. Any import duties or fee's that the package may incur upon delivery to TheTurboEngineers will be charged to you the customer. 

4. TTE EROI DE956667544498380 / TTE VAT ID DE299522945 is on shipping documents if required. 

Please understand that we are not able to pick up any goods from our local customs office ourselves and goods will be returned to the sender.

All goods that are sent with local post services or don't have a decent declaration of value (invoice) will be delivered to our local customs and we are not able to pick this up so will be returned to the sender.

The Fee

Turbocharger Inspection Fee - €100

This fee is for TheTurboEngineers to inspect and validate if the turbocharger is in a reasonable state to be upgraded. If turbocharger is free from damage and defects the upgrade will proceed and you will not be charged this fee.

If the turbocharger is damaged or has defects which do not allow the turbocharger to be upgraded a fee for the inspection will be charged, a deduction from the refund of the original purchase will be made and the turbocharger will be shipped back to the original delivery address. No shipping costs will be refunded.